Tip! For same-day appointments, you can always call/email/pop in. There may be cancelled appointments or some same-day appointments still available :)

WHEELCHAIRS: We have a portable ramp for wheelchairs as well as an electric wheelchair to go into the clinic directly from Dragarbrunnsgatan 56. Taxi´s can stop right outside the door.

HEALTHCARE GRANT: You are welcome to use your health care grant with us.

We are directly connected to ePassi, Benify and Edenred. Of course, you will otherwise receive a regular receipt with your name and social security number indicated to give to your employer. The treatments accepted by the Swedish Tax Agency are:
* Health care for feet - in this treatment we can also help you with calluses, warts, ingrown toenails etc.
*Lower leg and foot massage.

CANCELLATION: If you cannot attend your appointment and cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time, you will be charged the full price of the treatment because other customers do not get time to make an appointment at that time.


We start with a foot scrub and foot bath. We then cut and file your nails, remove any calluses and treat any warts. The treatment ends with a foot massage that relieves tension in the foot muscles and tendons.
You will walk out with the feeling of nice, soft feet.

Duration: 50 min
Price: 730 SEK


Medical podiatry treatment as described above, plus the following:
* A beneficial lower leg massage for stressed back, outer and front calves. Please wear trousers that can be pulled up to the knee.
* Heel spurs: massage of the affected muscles and taping
* Hallux Valgus: massage of the affected muscles and taping
* Ingrown toenail correction: We use a variety of methods, and will choose the most appropriate. The correction remedy helps to prevent ingrown toenails from re-occurring in the future (+175 SEK to cover extra material + equipment).

Duration: 80 min
Price: 950 SEK


This treatment is available for employers who cover the cost of foot care for wellness purposes. This wellness treatment helps sore and tired feet and toes, and begins with a foot scrub and bath and ends with a foot massage.
You can as well find us on Benify, Edenred och ePassi.

Duration: 50 min
Price: 850 SEK


A follow-up treatment based on the treatment plan we have agreed on.

Duration: 20 min
Price: 490 SEK


Helps to relax tense muscles and prevent musculoskeletal disorders and inflammation.
Please wear trousers that can be pulled up to the knee.
You can as well find us on Benify, Edenred och ePassi.

Duration: 30 min
Price: SEK 470