Most of us use our feet many hours a day – sometimes in less comfortable work shoes. Everything from pumps to stylish Church shoes for men; different types of shoes for those who work in care and stand a lot; or steel-toe shoes for those who work in industries where the feet need full protection.

Are you an active athlete in a sport with a lot of action, it is extremely crucial for the performance that you do not have distractions or pain in the foot.

Naturally, age and health also affect our feet. As we get older, it becomes more difficult to take care of our feet ourselves.

Feet are unique. You only have one pair, and they will you carry through life. Regular care can make life so much easier for you and your feet, as well as for joints and muscles that may otherwise also be affected.
See how we can help you below.


If left untreated, a small callus can easily develop into a corn, which can be painful. Cracked heels can cause similar pain and discomfort.

When these problems occur, we try and put up with the pain by placing our feet in an unnatural position, which in turn causes muscle tension, and in the long term, inflammation of the muscles, tendons, and joints, which moves upwards towards the knees and hips. We remove calluses, which in turn benefits your whole body :)


Many people have a wart on the sole of their foot without even knowing it. If left untreated, a wart can spread to other areas of the foot. Warts are also contagious, meaning if you have a shared bathroom in your home, the risk of the infection spreading to other people is high. We treat warts in a number of ways. Follow-up treatments within a few weeks may sometimes be required, depending on the treatment chosen.


They can be hereditary, when the nail is curved and begins to penetrate the nail wall and cause pain and irritation. They can also be caused by incorrectly cut nails. If we catch the ingrown toenail early, we should be able to treat it. To do this, we grind and cut the smaller parts of the nail that are cutting into the skin. We also help with nail correction.


We can help reduce the pain with a lower leg and foot massage, and also offer further advice and help once we know what has caused it. Home treatments can also help to reduce the pain and prevent it in the long-term. We can also show you how to use tape or, if required, refer you to an orthopaedic technician.


A foot massage helps the muscles in the foot to de-stress, which in turn helps relieve the pain. With a few foot exercises you can also ease any pain they cause. We give you suitable exercises and can also show you how to use tape or silicone bunion correctors to help ease the pain.